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in Turkish Market

Danish Bawat partners with Ortech Marine in Turkey

Bawat A/S has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with Ortech Marine. Through the partnership, Bawat will be able to provide customers with turn-key solutions for implementation of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS). The joint partnership includes design and engineering, system integration and installation, as well as post-installation services. The key benefit of the partnership is thus that it allows Bawat to offer customers a complete and high quality service package, which greatly minimizes the typical downtime associated with installing a BWTS. “We are very pleased to partner with Ortech Marine,” says CEO Kim Diederichsen. “The company is a trusted and respected name in Turkish shipping, and a leading provider of comprehensive engineering and maintenance services. We are excited about the opportunity to continue the growth of Bawat in this region.”

About Bawat A/S

Bawat was established in 2011, with the aim of developing, testing and marketing Technologies for treating ballast water on vessels by Pasteurizing. In 2014, Bawat got the 10th place in Top 11 of Maritime and Offshore Technologies . The Bawat BWTS solution offers customers a unique technology with many clear advantages. The Bawat system employs one of the only in-tank solutions on the market, to offer the least disruptive option for ships to treat ballast water in an effective, cost-efficient and safety-conscious way. Scalable and flexible, Bawat BWTS is adaptable to all ship sizes in all types of water. For more information about Bawat and its BWT solution, please visit


The Benefits

The Bawat in-voyage, in-tank solution offers an array of advantages over traditional in-line systems, including:

  • No disruption to cargo and ballast operations
  • Exploits onboard waste energy
  • No 50 mm filters to block, no backflush
  • Salinity and temperature independent
  • Very small footprint
  • No upgrades necessary
  • Uses proven, standard marine components only
  • Cost-effective, low operating costs
  • Ideal for retrofit applications
  • Scalable up to VLCC
  • Efficient corrosion protection of ballast water tanks