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BIO-SEA by BIO-UV, the sole and unique French ballast water treatment specialist worldwide approved for its expertise

The ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA combines mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection, without any chemical treament, made with high marine quality components.

BIO-SEA systems are IMO and USCG type approved. 

BIO-SEA has equipped many vessels, with reliable, innovative, modular and cost efficient solutions. 

BIO-SEA is able to provide, thanks to its worldwide certified Partners, systems for new building projects and turnkey solutions for retrofits projects, from onboard study till onboard installation (at quay, dry-dock or on voyage). 

Stop Leakages – Stop Water Ingress Reduce Wear and Tear

ABCON A/S produces and sells high-quality lubricating oil additives, which improve the performance of engines and machines. The company was founded in June 2000 by Jørgen P. Beyer. The ABCON MARINE series now contains an extensive product portfolio that is delivered to vessels all around the world.

Our product portfolio is a result of many years of close cooperation with our customers. It is our aim always to provide individual consultancy based on the specific case of the customer. We draw upon experience from helping thousands of different vessels. Likewise, this inspires us in the development of new products and solutions. All of our past experience is available in our comprehensive database which can be easily accessed. Consequently, we can address your problem and find a solution together!  

Our Some Products 

  •  Stern Tube Leakage  
  • Stern Tube Water Ingress 
  • Stern Tube Preventive  Care 
  • Thruster Leakage 
  • Thruster Water Ingress 
  • Thruster Preventive Care 
  • B Series EAL Products
  • Hydraulics
  • And Other Products

professional Marine & Offshore
Ecological Cleaning and Removal Of BIOFILM without CHEMICALS...

We take pride that Harsonic®  is the undisputed leader in a mechanical system to remove biofilm and prevent all kind of fouling. Good customer service is the lifeblood of our company. We never make promises we can’t keep. The company Harsonic®  is located in Belgium and has more than 25 years experience in water treatment,  always in an ecological friendly manner. Working  and testing with different ultrasonic brands taught us that there was and is,  a lot on the market which  failed to be effective and to be successful.


Together with our team of engineers we realized to manufacture perfect and powerful ultrasound  devices. But his was not the only thing…  Harsonic® doesn’t only use very powerful ultrasound on the right frequencies, but also has a unique HS technology integrated.  All top cooks have a
secret ingredient, Harsonic® has the HS technology which guarantees a good result.


Various university studies prove that Harsonic® has several advantages which you can find under the page “advantages” as well as under “references”.


At the moment we have a range of 10 different Harsonic® devices:

  1. Harsonic® for BoatHull
  2. Harsonic® for Propellers
  3. Harsonic® for Gasoiltanks
  4. Harsonic® for Watertanks
  5. Harsonic® for Boxcoolers
  6. Harsonic® for Coolingtowers & Heatexchangers
  7. Harsonic® for Industrial Tanks & Filters
  8. Harsonic® for Industrial Pipelines
  9. Harsonic® for Agricultural Tanks & Pipelines
  10. Harsonic® for Open Waterstorage



Gas Technologies

Our company, which progressed continuously since the first day of its establishment thanks to its customer oriented, innovative and quality-wise non-compromising activities, always targeted to be “the best” and succeeded in this to a great extent.


Our philosphy of continuous progress has transformed us to a technological company expert on on-site gas production competitive on global scale and we are proud of this. We are also proud that we have accomplished this by developing our own technology without imitating others.

In this context, we developed ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator of our own design after two years of hard and careful work. ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator has ceased nitrogen being an expensive gas and made it easily and economically available to everyone like compressed air.


ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator has proved its quality by being the choice of tens of users, both domestic and abroad.


Every user is unique and deserves special attention. If same products are offered to different users, then some things will be missing. We handle each case specially, work like a tailor and offer the best solution for that case. Almost all of the generators we manufactured are unique; not identical to any other one.


With our experienced and competent team of engineers, we would like to realize your projects and solve your problems related with gases.

We constantly work on developing our products and ourselves, please follow up with us.

automation Solutions

Our marine automation, alarm and monitoring systems are all built on X-CONNECT®, a universal user friendly platform.

Prepare your ship for a digital future

This is how we solve it. 

Innovation in energy storage

MG lets you be in control of your own energy. Storing solar or wind power for self-consumption, peak-shaving your local grid or creating your own grid supply. Flexibility in energy consumption and production is easy and smart with our energy storage solutions.

Onboard Fluid Management

TRIBOMAR GmbH is a young company for onboard fluid management founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2011. Our goal is to provide engineers with high-quality tools for monitoring the main parameters of fuels and lubricants. We take the customer’s request seriously. We strive to provide the latest technology and satisfy demands of the industry.

TRIBOMAR GmbH is not only providing the standard test kits to cover the basic requirements of the customer, we are also going one step further by offering sensors of the latest generation to monitor operational fluids like fuels and lubes online. 

TRIBOMAR GmbH has excellent, skilled engineers with years of experience and knowledge helping our customers to operate their machinery at an optimum level. We are constantly focusing our efforts on new developments and the latest technology for the best, easiest and most cost-efficient solutions for the industry. We will keep you up to date with the latest news about our progress and product developments.

Stay in touch with us on tribomar.com to see the latest news about TRIBOMAR and its products.

Analysis And Reporting


Marine engines are evolving day by day with more sophistication and automation. Marine Engines had got updated with many versions from steam propelled to electric propelled ships. Engine with Chain driven to cam driven. Later to camless engines.

As systems are entering high end designs more unattended it becomes. As the Engines get more unattended the components are highly refined that it requires allied systems, which includes lubrication, to be highly efficient for the system to function in a seamless way. One among the system had already gained much more attention and standards in place is the HPS system.

Next generations Engines that is intelligent Engines without cam are currently widely in use.

Services We Do

  • Fuel Testing
  • Used Oil Analysis
  • Cylinder Scavenge Drain Analysis
  • Portable Water Analysis
  • VGP Compliance Monitoring 
  • Fire Fighting Foam Testing 
Proven Solution from a Water Treatment Expert

Atlantium Marine, a part of Atlantium Technologies, is a global leader in UV treatment solutions for marine and ballast water applications. The Purestream™ ballast water management system is a proven and effective alternative to chemical-based treatment technologies for the treatment of regulated organisms. Atlantium specializes in disinfection solutions against a wide range of microorganisms for different types of aquatic species. Atlantium is not a conventional UV provider. We are your partner in water biosecurity—from design, to engineering, to installation, and operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time dose monitoring and advanced control system enables treatment of maximum flow at lowest UVT levels
  • Suitable for treatment on all water types and temperatures, no salinity or heating requirements
  • One pass treatment (IMO)
  • 24-hour retention time validation, (USCG) (0-hour-in process)
  • Flexible installation, loose modules
  • Small footprint for filter, UV and CIP skid
  • No hazardous chemical handling or byproducts

Verifavia shipping

Verifavia is the maritime transport’s first choice for the provision of efficient, flexible, and highly competitive EU MRV, IMO DCS and CSI independent verification services for shipping companies worldwide.

With its innovative approach, streamlined procedures and the technical expertise of its team, Verifavia provides a top-class service that ensures its customers experience a smooth verification journey.

Verifavia is also a global HazMat Expert Company  approved by the main classification societies for the preparation and maintenance of  Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for ships subject to the EU SRR  and the Hong Kong Convention .

Seacoat Technology delivers high performance Silicone and Silane paint and coating technology to the marine industry. Non toxic and environmentally safe solutions for bottom painting as alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling . Seacoat is a leader in the development of advanced Silicone Foul release coatings (FRC) for all types of vessels. We deliver next generation solutions.


  • 10 + year life
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Fuel Savings
  • Low Drag / Ultra Smooth

  • Increased Speed
  • Highly Durable
  • Non Depleting / Non Polishing
  • Zero VOC’s

RGF is a proven leader in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry and we offer a broad range of patented and patent pending air purification technologies and solutions to almost any airborne problem, condition or application. Learn more about some of our most popular products such as the REME HALO® and Guardian QR+ for the entire air conditioned space, our HVAC maintenance products such as the PanSaver™ and FinSaver™, and our newest offering the Blu QR® UV lights for effective coil sanitation.

GenSys GmbH

After Sales and Service

We offer a wide range of “GENUINE“ components, spare parts, systems and service

  • Kral pumps
  • IMO AB pumps
  • Kracht pumps
  • Viscosity system (VAF or Emerson)
  • incl. conversion, new Installation
  • control valves (KFM, ARI etc.)
  • heat exchanger, tube and shell or plate (Aalborg, Sondex)
  • pressure gauge, thermometer,
  • building of electrical cabinets
  • and many more

Worldwide Technical Service 24/7

Purestream™ Ballast Water Management System



Legal background:

Ballast water contains a variety of organisms, such as marine and coastal plants and animals from different regions of the world. If taken up in one place and released in another, some organisms may survive and prosper in their new environment. These “non-native species” can have a serious ecological, economic and public health impact on the receiving environment. To combat the problem of invasive species from ballast water, the IMO adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments in 2004. On 8 September 2017, the convention entered into force. Besides of the IMO Convention, ships sailing in US waters are required to demonstrate a type-approved BWMS which is compliant with USCG (US Coast Guard) regulations.


Worldwide about 50.000 ships need to be retrofitted with a ballast water systems. Installed systems over the last years are not more than 10.000ships.

Our advantages:

Regarding the treatment technologies on the market we mainly find UV (Ultraviolet) and electro chlorination systems.In comparison to our competitors our system needs less energy for theballasting and de-ballasting process. This also means less maintenance.

The ship-owner:

For the ship-owner the installation of a ballast water system means an investment without ROI. The sales prices depend on the type and size of the

Our solution for the ship-owner:

Beside of the mentioned advantage from our system we want to provide further 2 benefits for the shipping company.
 Selling another system which directly reduces energy onboard and therefore decrease fuel consumption. With this system we are able to
transfer the ROI to the ballast water system. In summary both systems together are able to realize a total ROI between 2 to 5years……..depending on oil prices.

Background of product and acting parties

Purestream systems are designed to treat 80 – 2,000 m3/h of fresh, brackish, or seawater and they are validated to operate at minimum retention times (≤
24 hours) following treatment of 100% of the maximum flow under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.

Proprietary comprehensive real-time monitoring of critical parameters to automatically and efficiently maintain the minimum UV dose required to meet
application-specific needs. Extensive control mechanism assure for the operator and authorities the functionality of the system.

GenSys, Atlantium Marine,and Mouawad Consulting AS established the most powerful cooperation in the ballast water market. Herewith we guarantee the highest flexibility in system configuration, from a single component Ballast Water Management System to skid assembly (plug and play) or complete turnkey project solutions.

GenSys and Mouawad Consulting are well known in the maritime market. Each party of the cooperation provides knowledge and experience at the highest level.

For more than 16 years Atlantium Marine’s novel UV technology has been proven to effectively treatment of the most difficult water treatment applications in different industries with an install base of more than 3000 units operating in more than 50 countries.

Mouawad Consulting guarantees the most professional services in turnkey projects from documentation to 3D scanning and assembly drawings.
GenSys GmbH is leading the project including manufacturing site, training center and global service network.

Some main features of the system:

  • UV system and controlled CIP

  • Flow rate 80 m³/h – 2000 m³/h

  • UVT monitoring

  • Direct measuring of UV lamp efficiency

  • Filter 20 microns

  • Shortest retention time

  • UVT 40% for IMO and USCG

  • Purestream enables fast and easy installation

  • Operation during the voyage possible

  • Operating in all water

  • Small footprint

  • Easy to operate

The lowest UVT 40 % for IMO & USCG
Avoiding violation by being validated to operate under difficult water conditions.

One-pass treatment mode (IMO)
No need of 2nd UV treatment during discharge, provides operational flexibility, reduces operational costs – electricity and parts, increase system reliability.

0-hour retention time validation – (IMO)
No limitation with IMO


The BWMS will be guaranteed delivered with the following certification:

  • IMO BWMS Code under the flag of Denmark (test facility)

  • USCG

Scope of Supply

  •  UV Unit

  • Reactor special sea water resistant duplex steel

  • Filter – Amiad / SMO net 20microns

  • Main control system/cabinet based on

  • Siemens controller and HMI touch screen interface

  • UV Lamp driving cabinet

  • Remote control panel (up to 100m)

  • Set of auxiliary items– flow meters X 3, control valves including actuators, and sensors

  • CIP unit

  • Filter’s Backwash pump including VFD for enhanced backwash capabilities

  • 2 Set sampling valves

Set of emergency spare parts kitWarranty 24 months after commissioning or 30 months after delivery


Not included in the above scope of supply

  • Project Management and Engineering

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

  • Compliance service package

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