Bawat BWTS:

  • Based on unique patented technology that represents a significant step forward in ballast water treatment.
  • Bawat BWTS utilises two distinct process principles in a circulation procedure: De-oxygenation and pasteurisation. 
  • The de-oxygenation process effectively eradicates the zooplankton and the pasteurisation process reduces the phytoplankton and the bacteria concentrations to levels below the IMO D2 requirement.
  • Bawat BWTS is suitable for vessels of all sizes, but it represents the ideal solution for large, long-haul bulk carriers, containers and tankers as its competitiveness and advantages increase with vessel size and BW capacities. 

The Overview

A groundbreaking solution

The Bawat solution delivers a radically
innovative new BWTS technology for
the shipping industry. As one of the
only in-tank solutions on the market
today, the patented Bawat recircula-
tion process conveniently treats ballast
water in-voyage with no impact on
normal ship operations in port. Bawat

al solution for large, long-haul bulk
carriers and tankers as its competi-
tiveness and advantages increase with
vessel size and BW capacities.

Based on owner preference, the Bawat
solution can be designedas  a central
unit application or as a Port and Star-
board Side application.

is  also  unique  in  utilising  onboard
waste energy, requiring no chemical
compounds and no filters for effi-
cient, cost-effective water treatment.

Size matters

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability,
Bawat BWTS is suitable for vessels
of all sizes, but it represents the ide-

The Bawat in-voyage, in-tank solution offers a wide
array of competitive advantages over traditional in-line
systems, including:
* No disruption to cargo and ballast operations
* Exploits onboard waste energy
* No 50 μm filters to block, no backflush
* Salinity and temperature independent

* Very small footprint
* No upgrades necessary
* Uses proven, standard marine components only
* Cost-effective, low operating costs
* Ideal for retrofit applications
* Scalable up to VLCC
* Efficient corrosion protection of ballast water tanks

The smartest technology
on the market

Bawat represents a solid value pro-
position  to  ship-owners,  offering  a
uniquely effective and less disruptive
technology   than   the   competition.
Rather than using a combination of fil-
tration, chemicals and UV irradiation,
the BWTS system utilises mechanical
stripping of oxygen and pasteurisa-
tion to treat ballast water, exploiting
available onboard waste energy and
thus requiring far less energy to oper-
ate than its in-line competitors. What

is more, Bawat BTWS never affects
cargo and harbour operations, as BW
treatment takes place during voyage,
not at intake.

How it works
Simply put, the Bawat system eliminates
living  micro-organisms  through  pas-
teurisation and deoxygenation. Ballast
water is drawn from just below water
surface and pasteurised, utilising excess
machinery heat after which nitrogen is

injected for deoxygenation. The ballast
water is then re-introduced into the
bottom of the ballast tank through
fixed nozzles for a thorough mixing.
The deoxygenation process eradicates
zooplankton  and  the  pasteurisation
process  reduces  phytoplankton  and
bacteria concentrations to levels be-
low the IMO D2 requirement. And as
an extra benefit, the deoxygenation of
the ballast water leads to a substantial
reduction in tank corrosion.

The Bawat BWTS features a number of unique operating
characteristics, including:
* Operates in-tank and in-voyage, which means cargo
  and ballast operation as usual and no disruption of
normal procedures. Gravity ballasting still possible.
* Existing ballast system can be operated without
alterations or modifications.


* Simplicity and low space requirement, facilitating
* All process components feature long-term proven
  marine track records.
* No upgrade required of ballast water pumps, piping
  or power generators.

Regulatory Compliance and Certifications

Bawat is committed to meeting all IMO and US Coast Guard regulations for
ballast water treatment. The Bawat BWTS is certified and Type Approved by
DNV.GL, Bureau Veritas, ABS and USCG AMS Approval.

About Bawat
Bawat was established with the purpose of developing and marketing optimal technologies for ballast water treatment. The Bawat BWTS is based on patent-
ed, proprietary in-tank technology using only standard, proven marine components. Bawat is an engineer-driven company with broad maritime insight and expertise rooted in Danish innovation. Boasting in-depth nowledge and an extensive network, Bawat is a trusted and professional partner to an industry undergoing rapid growth today and into the future.


DNV-GL Type Approval