• ENAU is a company, dedicates it’s resources, know-how and experience to provide design and deliver fully integrated Ship Technology products and services.
  • ENAU sees the urgent action needed for replenishment and refinement of the already polluted Air and Marine environment and hence takes the initiative to help contribute evolution of Marine conventional propulsion systems to extensive use of Electrical Drive systems.


The Vessel is designed for a Ferry operator Dentur Avrasya ; actively commuting around 38 000 passengers daily in Üsküdar – Beşiktaş – Kabataş lines, with more than 40 pcs. of vessels .

Studies carried out by universities and PR companies indicate and 18% increase in passenger preferability due to speed, accessibility, comfort and safety features of the NGPC

Fuel efficiency, lowers the operational costs as well as the emission values opening way for a better protected environment. Better integration with other means intercity of transportation will definitely make Municipality lines a pleasure to commute.