Ortech Marine Technical Management operates all managed vessels within the safest and best manner doable so as to satisfy the necessities of flag states, port states, class societies, charterers, stakeholders and shipowners fully compliance with the International Safety Management Code.



We aim on maximizing accessibility and loss prevention by;

Effective planned maintenance and acquisition systems

Close interaction between aboard personnel and extremely full-fledged shore-based engineering and marine team

Integrated computer code systems covering all aspects of shipmanagement, together with the availability of operational, technical and elaborated financial data in an exceedingly clear, promptly obtainable.

  • Project Management
  • Regular condition assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Dry dock planning and management
  • Budget management
  • Certification and vetting

Established relationships with excellent suppliers, service suppliers, shipyards and workshops make sure that the customers systematically receive reliable and high-quality, value competitive services.

Extremely qualified and capable Marine Business Operation groups closely control the business performance of managed vessels and manage the business risks